MapaMagic monitors the arrival time of public transport in Cherkasy

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About MapaMagic

MapaMagic is a project made to improve the transportation system of the city Cherkasy. eKreative team is eager to make the public transport usage easy and enjoyable for all people in our town. To reach this goal we have installed the GPS trackers on the trolley busses and busses and developed mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. This system will improve the quality of public transportation, and will become the foundation of centralized and technically progressive transport system in Cherkasy.


MapaMagic is a free system. Every citizen and guest of our town can install the application on Android or iOS device and easily monitor the traffic. Application will be useful for planning the route through the town, based on the information about all bus stops on the way. We are planning to add the movement schedule information for the trolley busses/busses soon. It will help you study the route in advance.


Track the live traffic. You will be able to see how the trolley buses and busses move through the city and approach your bus stop. The coordinates of the vehicle get updated every 10 seconds.

Arrival time

You will be able to get the real arrival time. The time of arrival for the 3 nearest trolley buses/busses are displayed next to the route number. Therefore, you may see how many trolley buses/busses are on the route and how soon they will reach your bus stop.


The system displays all the routes which pass through the bus stop which you selected. When you switch to the specific route, you will be able to learn about all stops along the route and the sequence in which they are positioned.

Bus stops

The application automatically detects 3 bus stops closest to your location. You can chose some other location by moving the flag on the map. The system will automatically process the updated coordinates and will show you 3 bus stops closest to the new location.

Favourite bus stops

Mark your favourite bus stops in the application. It will help you save several minutes and will allow to find out quickly when the bus will reach the stops you use most often.

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